Almost finished

It has been a couple of months trying to work through the insurance hoops and turns.

First, it was weeks before access to Becca’s ashes was available. A fence was erected around the destroyed storage barn and limited access prevented getting into the area for pictures. Also, the roof that collapsed on the RVs in the barn had to be removed to make the remains visible.

Next, the insurance company wanted to have their adjuster view the site and confirm total loss (he never showed up). I eventually worked my way into the secured area, took pictures once the roof was removed, and emailed them to the home office agent.

Finally, the insurance agent (after taking a few days off over Thanksgiving) had to pass along our total loss claim to the total loss processor. He, in turn, had to send the information along to a replacement specialist.

Today, I think, we might have our lien settled for Becca. That is if the check arrives in a timely manner. You’d think with technology that insurance companies could transmit funds electronically with the click of a button. No, no, they cut and mail checks.

Our dealer for the replacement Outback travel trailer has been days attempting to put together a final price (we had some unique options added to the standard trailer). I’ve been in contact numerous times since our walkthrough of the Keystone 278URL.

So, the fire destroyed Becca November 6. It will be at least mid-January before everything is finalized – if we’re lucky.

Ho, Ho, Ho



Was able to access the destroyed storage barn at CubeSmart to see the devastation caused by the blaze.

Workmen removed the sheet steel panels to make the remains of the RVs trapped in the fire viewable. The intensity of the blaze is reflected in the charred and twisted I-beams and steel poles.

What was once a 36′ long, 11′ 6″ tall, 8′ wide luxury travel trailer is now ‘cremains’.

This is closure, Becca’s gone.

We’re moving forward.


The flag is transferred

Okay, we went to Camping World yesterday and walked through and around the Keystone Outback 278URL travel trailer. I was pleased.

The wife had questions about cabinet space, seating, and overall appearance. The good news is that the trailer answered her concerns. Oh, it’s not a 30RIPR, and she still laments losing Becca to the structure fire. The space and appearance of Becca would spoil anyone.

I did remind her that we are looking to reacquire a travel trailer, not a home. We are not full-time campers, only part-timers. The trailer is our method of going to locales that I describe in my books, allowing us some get-away time and accommodations,  and taking care of us on the road.

She hears me and acknowledges the utilization, but still misses Becca.

I remind her that being 1000 lbs. lighter, a foot shorter in height, and four feet less length all make the 278URL easier and better to tow.

She still wants it to have the full bathroom, comfortable seating, and adjustable bed. I assure her those items are mandatory for me as well.

We walk through the 278URL. Every cabinet is opened. Every seat (recliners, sofa, dinette) is sat upon. Bedroom and bathroom are investigated.

A list of items needing changing, altering, or amending is compiled and given to our salesman to address.

She finally says, “I guess it’s okay.”

Halleluja, the flag is transferred. The 278URL is now Katrina (Kate). We will finalize as quickly as the insurance hurdles are all jumped (hopefully, next week). Then the additions and corrections we’ve itemized will be taken care of, and we can pick up Kate sometime late December or early January.

Our spring trip to Alvord, Texas, is on the calendar and a go at this point. We may take Kate out for a weekend run before then for a ‘shakedown’ cruise.

Next: Getting Kate

278URL Kate


Okay. You know how when you think about things they start lining up differently? Well, that’s where I found myself for the past few days. I know that we are going to replace Becca, and we picked out a new Keystone 30RIPR naming her Katrina (Kate).

With the opportunity to acquire a new camper, I’ve been thinking about the weight, height, and length of the 30RIPR, and I’ve arrived at the conclusion that I don’t want to pull that size of RV again. I know, I know, its beautiful, roomy, and full of amenities. However, I have to remind myself that it is not my home, it is my travel trailer.

I still have requirements from the wife on what she has as expectations for another trailer: comfortable seating, dedicated bathroom, and an adjustable bed installed. My challenge is to balance these expectations against the towing criteria that I feel is important.

In answer to my quandary, I have settled on a Keystone Outback 278URL. It addresses the wife’s expectations and is six feet shorter, almost 1000 lbs. lighter, and offers amenities that make our camping experience enjoyable.

I’ve spent hours pouring over specifications, photos, and diagrams of the 278URL comparing it to the 30RIPR. We have a trailer on hold pending our touring it next week at our local Camping World. This one looks like that one that we can transfer the name Katrina to with ease. Pending any disaster (I didn’t expect one with Becca), the Keystone Outback 278URL will become our new Kate.

Next:  More next week.



Welcome Katrina (Kate)

We have located our replacement Travel Trailer. It will be another 30RIPR Keystone Bullet, 35′ 11″ RV. We were so enamored by all the features and amenities of Becca that there is not another travel trailer that matches up.

So, without further ado, I introduce, Katrina. We’ll call her Kate for short.

This time, we are making sure that the adjustable bed to help with the wife’s back issues is factory installed. This feature will make travel that much more enjoyable for her. If she’s happy, I’m over the moon.

Also, located a new location to store Kate when we are not cruising around, and it has pull-through RV parking. I’m going to hate not having to back in 36′ of trailer. NOT!

I’ve gone online and sourced our Amazon past orders records and been able to replenish those items we had in Becca that were lost in the fire. Our insurance is covering the loss of personal property and we will be able to replenish those items needed to continue RVing.

The blog on our travels continues and you see now the title is The Adventures of Bo and Kate (aka, Bocephus & Katrina).

With wintertime upon us, we will be winterizing and replenish Kate, servicing Bo, and getting ready for a March outing. The trip in the spring will take us to Alvord, TX, and our investigation of the area around there including where Red River Station once stood. Looking forward to gathering more historical background and details.

I am already over 100 pages into Red River Station and enjoying the blending of mystery with western. My main character, Chadbourne Westerman, is an 1870’s ‘Sam Spade’ range detective solving a mystery. I’m enjoying writing this my fifth book. There will two additional novels involving Chad coming next year.

Next: Prepping Kate


RIP Becca

It is with heavy heart and remorse that I have to inform y’all of Becca’s passing. Last night around 10:00PM the storage structure that housed Becca caught fire. The inferno blazed through the night and was finally tamped out around 8:00AM this morning.

In the structure were numerous Class A Motorcoaches, Travel Trailers, and Class C Campers. The management at the rental company said nineteen RVs were in the conflagration.

Throughout the fire, pops and bangs were heard as fuel ignited, LP tanks exploded, and RVs turned to ash.

Becca didn’t survive.

Obviously, our trip to Natchitoches is now in jeopardy. We’ll decide today what to do.

It was with heavy heart that I contacted my insurance company and bank to inform them of last night’s travesty.

Becca, we didn’t have you long. You were a marvelous RV, and our trip to Indiana was made more enjoyable because of you. Farewell.

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Storage structure before the fire. Becca sitting between the Class A Motorcoach and the Wildwood Travel Trailer
After the fire this morning. Everything is toast.


Looks like we are grounded. The wife has been battling a hacking cough since the first of October. It’s finally got her down. Been to the doctor a number of times for more meds to keep it from becoming bronchitis or worse.

Our run with Bocephus and Becca to Alvord, TX, to do research for Red River Station is now pushed out until March, 2018.

I will go over this weekend and check out Becca, inventory the pantry, charge up the battery, and do minor ‘putter’ things. Kind of dejected that we aren’t going to road trip in October.

Our next run will not be until the end of November. We are booked and scheduled to attend the Festival of Lights in Natchitoches, LA. Looking forward to this event. Going to a good-looking RV park, Grand Ecore. In French, Ecore means “bluff”, and the park is located on an 80-foot high bluff overlooking the Red River. It’s located on Bayou Pierre.

Fireworks for Festival of Lights
Historical section of Nach during Festival of Lights